I believe in Miracles: No. 2

August 2008 we were returning home from Cornwall, a trip of just under 400 miles. Driving around London on the M25 motorway we saw a heavily loaded construction plant transporter ahead. Its driver had been too optimistic about overtaking another lorry and was stuck in the middle lane.

Travelling at about 65 mph in the fast lane we were about 30 metres behind a new Ford Mondeo. As it overtook the transporter its tractor end, without warning, swung over and crushed it (the Mondeo) violently against the central crash barrier. Glass and debris flew everywhere.

Both vehicles slowed and veered away from the barrier and a gap appeared out of nowhere. I put my foot down and drove through it. Behind, in my rear-view mirror, I could see the motorway screeching to a standstill with tyres smoking and hazard lights flashing.

Replaying the event in my mind I can’t understand why we’d not ended up embedded under the lorry. Checking our car later I found just two tiny scratches in the paintwork. That was another miracle. Praise the Lord.

I believe in Miracles: No. 1

Our granddaughter Darcy’s parents Lucy and Paul took their children to visit the new home of friends.
Looking around the garden they noticed a pond. The fencing around it included a bush but still appeared pretty impregnable. A little later after they’d gone inside that additional instinct that mothers have suddenly prompted Lucy to ask “Where’s Darcy?”.

The adults rushed off in all directions looking for her. Paul went to the pond. Under the water and laying on her back was Darcy (she’d gone under the bush). He grabbed her. She spluttered and, although soaking wet, was soon back to her chirpy self. That was a miracle.

Moral: When you evaluate a situation look at it with the eyes of even the smallest person.