Houghton, Huntingdonshire

With my brother Malcolm and our very patient wives we returned to Houghton where in 1944 we stayed for a short time after leaving Heston, Middlesex and the V1s (flying bombs) and V2s (ballistic missiles) falling there. I remembered the mill (where Clive Sinclair’s career got going with development of the first electronic calculator and now a National Trust property) because that’s where I first went fishing – with a bent pin as a hook.
Mum and Dad rented Orchard Cottage (photo). At the time it was split into two, we lived on the left, and it had a large unruly back garden where the ivy covered brick-built outside loo was situated. The other half of the cottage was uninhabited.
Things change. 28/09/2007, after development, Orchard Cottage sold for £737,000.

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